Polling Station

As you are keenly aware, Friday the 25th is Referendum Day. Scoil Mhuire is an official Polling Station and therefore the school will be closed all day on Friday the 25th of May. If you wish to be further informed about the Referendum itself http://www.refcom.ie is an independent body that explains everything in detail.


Do you Floss???

The Floss Dance has taken the world by storm. You have probably been subjected to versions of this dance in your own home!!! Line time is proving a struggle for us teachers with this Floss Dance craze!!! Look what happens when you have 60 First Class children do it at the same time.


Our walk to school day took place yesterday morning with the most AMAZING turn out. The weather stayed dry and the children had a lovely time. Thank you so much to the Green Team for organising this annual event.

Great evening!

What a great evening we had here in Scoil Mhuire this evening. So many familiar faces returned to see their old school in a new light. Thank you to everyone who came. We hope that you had a lovely time looking around your old classrooms.