Thank You!!!

What a fantastic day we had here at the school admiring the Crazy Hair Styles! Thank you so much to big sisters, parents,guardians, grandparents, minders etc. who did the most incredible job creating masterpieces with hair! Not only were we taken aback with the effort put in, but with your generosity as well. Our Crazy Hair Day generated €502 in much needed funds! Thank you so much to everyone involved!! We hope that you have a wonderful mid term break!

Crazy Hair Day & Mid term break!!

Just a quick reminder that today is crazy hair day in school. We can’t wait to see all the unusual styles (we promise to post some photos on the blog later in the day!!). 

There will be no school tomorrow or Friday as it’s the mid term break. We hope that you all have a wonderful few days off!! 

Crazy Hair Day!!

As part of our continued fundraising efforts we are holding a Crazy Hair Day this coming Wednesday – 22nd Feb. I realise that this event is three days away – but in case you are struggling with ideas, attached are some Crazy Hair Day suggestions! You have a few days to give them a trial run!! Have fun!!!

Busy bunch in Ms. Waters!

The pupils in Ms. Waters’ class are a very busy bunch. So busy that it is rare to have some footage of all their happenings. Thankfully Ms. Waters managed to snap a few photos of just some of the many activities that these lucky pupils get to experience.

To celebrate spring the class decorated pots and sowed some seeds. Everyone had a super time packing the compost and planting the seeds. Looking forward to watching them grow over the next few weeks.

The Breakfast Club is one club we are all looking to sneak in and join. Take a look at the tasty treats on offer here!

What is more satisfying than playing with squishy play dough – making it yourself of course!! Everyone had a great time getting their hands messy for this task!


Music and the Solar System!

The girls in Ms. Mahon’s class enjoyed making music with a mixture of homemade instruments and other instruments during the week. Watch out for your pots and pans parents – these girls are about to set up garage bands with your kitchen equipment!!


Meanwhile Ms. Daly’s class had an out of this world experience when the girls presented their fantastic projects on the Solar System. We are very lucky to have so much talent in the school!

Pyjamas Party!

The very lucky girls of Ms. Conroy’s class won Best Attendance for the second time this academic year!! They got very creative with their celebrations and chose to have a PJ Party!! Not your average school day – but another great memory to add to their time here at Scoil Mhuire. When class is this much fun, it is no wonder that you never want to miss a day of school! Well done girls!!