Ancient Egypt and Pablo Picasso!

On this beautiful crisp winter’s day here is some gorgeous work from the girls in Ms. Daly’s class. Picasso got a run for his money as they channeled the artist into each of their masterpieces.

The students also worked very hard on their projects about ancient Egypt. They thoroughly enjoyed researching the life and times of the Pharaohs.


Book Fair!!

Come along to the Book Fair today and tomorrow and pick up some wonderful items that would be perfect stocking fillers. The fair is taking place in prefab 6 from 1:30pm until 3:30pm. Please come along and support. 

Science Week!!

Our budding Einsteins here at Scoil Mhuire enjoyed all the fun of Science week with a great selection of Experiments.

Whilst some citizens of the world are looking to build walls, the girls of 5th class have their sights set on building bridges. The students came up with innovative ways to construct their bridges using scientific reasoning to ensure that they would stand!

Mr. Dillon’s students have had lots of fun this science week! On Monday they investigated which materials stopped the force of a magnet from moving a paper clip. On Tuesday they went balloon surfing and managed to get six children onto the table before it gave way! On Wednesday they made their own set of drums using glasses and water. They put different levels of water in each so they would make different sounds.

Ms. Conroy’s third class made us rethink those delicious Skittles as they created rainbows with the dye from each of the sweets! The students investigated what happens when you shine light on various objects. They also did an experiment to see which materials are transparent, opaque and translucent.


In Ms. Wright’s class the children experimented with light and you would be forgiven for being VERY scared as the students made incredible shadow monsters!

6th Class had the opportunity to go to Tullamore College. The transition year students kindly showed them lots of interesting experiments that included bubbles and lungs!!

Senior infants had a fabulous time making a giant mess in the yard. If it isn’t messy however – it isn’t much fun!! The students all looked at materials going from a solid to a liquid.

4th class investigated with mixing materials and thoroughly enjoyed getting in on the action of Science Week.

To conclude our Science Week – past pupil Ronan Adams is all grown up and a volunteer with the RNLI  (Royal National Lifeboat Institute) based in Dún Laoghaire. He brought his faithful dog Zulu and showed the students how science has ensured the safety of those in the RNLI and those who call upon it for their services. To prove how resistant his uniform was against the elements – he gave the girls permission to shower him in water. This outfit would have been handy for last Thursday’s snow blizzard!!



Fruit Salads and Maths!

The midterm is over and we are back to business. Ms. McCormack’s students are learning to form letters in English. They are exploring 2d shape in maths and they were using the straws to make squares,triangles and rectangles. They really are very busy working and learning.

Meanwhile in senior infants, Ms. Cantwell’s students made delicious fruit salads with Mr. Bolger. Healthy treats and so easy to make. Oh and plenty of fun was had by all!


Football Heroics!

Our busy football season came to an end last week in O’ Connor park. We were narrowly beaten by Edenderry in a very exciting game of football. Thanks to the girls for their enthusiasm and commitment since September. They were a pleasure to work with. Thanks to the parents for their support and encouragement. Scoil Mhuire abú! We will be back next year. Thanks to Ms. McCormack, Mr. Hickey, Ms. Daly and Mr. Dillon for all their work.

Halloween Fun!!

Wizards, witches, minions, princesses and some mad hatters – what a fantastic, fun filled day we all had here at Scoil Mhuire. Thank you so much to all of you for your support – from joining us in the hallway as the children paraded in their finery (we didn’t let a little rain spoil our fun!) to smearing make-up, blood and fake guts on your adorable children! Thank you also for your generous contribution to our annual Witch Walk – we are sincerely grateful. Here are just some of the photos from our great day. See if you can spot who everyone is – teachers included!!